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Sweet and sour a sativa dominant hybrid derived from its legendary parents strains mexican haze x princess x skunk #1 x Hawaiin sativa .Users describe the  high as having an immediate onset of a cerebral head high with uplifting energy and creative inspiration .moreover , this high is perfect for a lazy day where you want to sit around your house and read a book or play video games . It has a subtle sweet onion aroma. Because of its balanced cannabinoid profile, its psychoactive effects are mild, making this strain suitable for novice consumers and patients needing to medicate without a foggy head


-Euphoria , giggly , uplifting , focused .


-Chronic pain , depression , fatigue , stress

9 reviews for Sweet and sour

  1. Lesley

    Has a ton of hits, lasts me about a full week. The quality of the pen is perfection and charges great! The effects are great definitely gives you a nice buzz. I love blue dream i’ve found its the best for me.

  2. Kingsley

    gets me high asf every time

  3. Manuel

    Long lasting high , energetic, good strain to kick start your day

  4. Joanna

    Entertaining , happy , excited

  5. Moralez

    Excited , euphoric , happy

  6. Alex


  7. Beverly

    It’s the best & it pulls so smooth! I highly recommend

  8. Rosalina

    Good pull, battery life is really really good!!! Great taste!!! Full effects!

  9. Frank Konsa

    Fantastic product. Used to manage my anxiety.

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