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Favorites disposable | Life saver

Life saver is an indica dominant favorite disposable hybrid strain. Created through crossing the delicious BOG Bubble X Sub cool JCB strains. Also ,  strain gets its name from its heavy-duty “lifesaving” qualities . That kick pain and muscle aches to the curb with just one tasty little toke. It gives mellow effects that are well suited for all users.

To add , The high starts with a happy lift . that infuses you with a feeling of energy and motivation that won’t cause anxiety. Moreover , You’ll feel clear-headed and relaxed, completely focused on the task at hand. As your mind frees itself, your body will follow suit, leaving aches and pains behind with a tingly body high that isn’t sedative or sleepy.


-Aroused , focus , relaxing , uplifting


-Headaches , stress , muscle spasms , depression .

13 reviews for Life saver

  1. Pride Kelly

    Sleepy , calming

  2. Edward Ganner

    Calming , relaxing , uplifting , pain reliever

  3. Clerkson

    It hit great tasted fine and wasn’t a bad product

  4. Richmond

    Pain reliever

  5. Yannick

    Hungry , sleepy , calming

  6. Tristan

    Energetic, sociable

  7. Denzel

    it hit hard, the airflow was great, and there wasn’t really a taste but it gave a really good high for sure.

  8. Joanna

    Truly a life saver , pain relieving and helps with stress

  9. Folarin


  10. Fabulous

    Reduces anxiety , helps with depression and stress

  11. Anthony

    Relaxing , calming , pain reliever

  12. Canello

    Relaxing , sleepy

  13. Kingsley


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