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Favorites disposable | Apple juice

Apple Juice is an indica dominant favorite disposable hybrid strain  created through crossing  Sour Apple X Triple Kush strains. Named for its delicious fruity flavor. To add, Apple Juice is one tasty treat you’ll want to indulge in again and again.  Generally, has a super sweet and fruity sour apple flavor .with touches of lightly spicy citrus and flowers.

Moreover, The aroma is just as pleasant, almost like a walk through an apple orchard . with touches of woody pine, fresh flowery earth and sour yet sweet apples. Furthermore. The  high hits you a few minutes after your final exhale.  Thus filling your mind with a lifted sense of euphoria that pushes out any negative or racing thoughts replacing them with pure and simple calm. You’ll feel a light touch of creative inspiration in this state, too. Soothing body effects come next, washing over you and leaving you feeling fully calm from head to toe. without a care in the world, although you may be pretty hungry at times.


-Body high , calming , relaxing , creative , happy , euphoria , hungry


-Chronic pain , cramps , muscle spasms .

13 reviews for Apple juice

  1. Farouk

    This shit is good and a great price had no problem with it

  2. Callum Harris

    the battery life lasts long

  3. Terry Kevin

    Great product, cleanly packaged and timely arrival!! Couldn’t ask for more!

  4. Jenkins P

    They were really excellent! Loved the taste of them

  5. Carlpride

    Sweet , pretty cool airflow , nothing bad really about it

  6. Maurice K

    Has a ton of hits, lasts me about a full week. The quality of the pen is perfection and charges great! The effects are great definitely gives you a nice buzz. I love apple juice i’ve found its the best for me.

  7. Benny

    Relaxing , calming , energetic

  8. Trent kiwi

    Relaxing , calming

  9. Andre

    Lasted long, good taste and great high

  10. Jobe Clichy

    Helps to relieve pain , makes you hungry .

  11. Brandon smith

    it taste good and the battery last long time

  12. Karel Yvonne

    Fantastic product. Used to manage my anxiety.

  13. Hillary

    The munchies >>

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