Fresh coconut

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Favorite disposable |Fresh coconut

Fresh coconut is an indica dominant favorite disposable hybrid strain .It is a great choice for any indica lover that’s on the hunt for the perfect tranquil evening strain. Like its namesake , Fresh coconut packs a sweet and sugary, creamy vanilla flavor with just a touch of fresh cherries and spicy earth. The aroma adds a layer of pungent dank, accented by earthy spices and fruity berries. The Coconut high will wash over you slowly, filling your mind with a lifted sense of happiness that instantly wipes away any negative thinking or bad moods. You’ll feel happy and slightly focused with a mental relaxation that leaves you feeling totally calmed from head to toe and filled with an expansive, all-encompassing bliss.

Effects of Fresh coconut

-Calming , focus , happy , relaxing , uplifting.


-ADD/ADHD , anxiety , chronic pain , PTSD , stress , depression

28 reviews for Fresh coconut

  1. Mary Ann

    Helps with stress , reduces anxiety, helps to relax great strain to have after a long day

  2. Desmond Freeman

    Pretty decent , does the job well

  3. Roussel

    The airflow is great and it charges quickly, the taste isn’t so bad either if your into that

  4. Frida D

    Taste is ok, high is wonderful

  5. Jordan


  6. Murillo

    Long lasting high

  7. Patrice

    good, gives u a calm high.

  8. Stella

    Amazing strain , euphoric 😊

  9. Sangoe Jr

    10/10 highly recommend

  10. Vicky F

    Great flavor and quality

  11. Felix Klen

    The airflow is great and it charges quickly, the taste isn’t so bad either if your into that

  12. Raphael

    Energetic , good strain to kick start your day

  13. Kimberly

    Long lasting and smooth high

  14. Glenda Bright

    Relaxing , calming , euphoric

  15. Jack Bowen

    i got this a few days ago and its sooo good, the flavor is at its best and it pulls pretty good. alot of smoke which i lovee! i would 100% buy this again

  16. Precious Mirel

    Joyous , happy , active

  17. Densly

    Very good. The only issue is it makes me cough terribly.

  18. Jane Portia

    Its very good but very strong for my first time use honestly

  19. Andrew Longfield

    Sweet , energizing , reviving , pain relieving , good to have after a long day

  20. Javier

    Had to try this strain coz of the reviews and I will confirm it is wonderful , good high , calm , refreshing

  21. Isaac Tans

    Calming , relaxing , pain reliever

  22. Naomi

    Great flavor and quality

  23. Camilla

    Relaxing , energetic

  24. Marylen


  25. Vicky F

    never disappoints amazing product

  26. Moises Vianey


  27. Ernest

    Relaxing , pain reliever

  28. Alan Harris

    Calming , euphoric , relaxing

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