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Crunch Berries also known as crunchberry is an indica dominant favorite disposable hybrid strain . Created through crossing the Triple OG X blueberry strain. This bud is infamous for its flavor . That is said to be exactly like Crunch Berries cereal! . It has hints of sweet berries and candy with a touch of vanilla and a candy-like aftertaste that sticks to your tongue for hours after you toke. The aroma is slightly spicy although still very fruity and berry in nature with touches of earth and pine. The high is just as addictive as its flavor, with uplifted effects that aren’t overwhelming but can rather leave you feeling lazy. The high is great for feeding you creative inspiration as well as easing away any racing or painful thoughts .


-Creative , happy , relaxing , alert, pushy


-Anxiety , chronic pain , insomnia , stress .

9 reviews for Crunch Berries

  1. Kingston K

    Long lasting high

  2. Joy Naya

    Calming , focused

  3. Naphthalin

    Sleepy , relaxing

  4. Macpiran

    Sleepy , good after a long day

  5. Orneil


  6. Carl Morris

    Sleepy , calming

  7. Josh Kemen

    Pain reliever , calming

  8. Jay


  9. Philip Murphy


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