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Favorites disposable | Cactus cooler

Cactus Cooler is a super rare sativa dominant favorite disposable hybrid strain.  Created through crossing the delicious Blue Dream with the classic OG Kush. The result?  .An insanely delicious bud that tastes exactly like your favorite citrus lime soda! . The smell isn’t quite as powerful as the flavor. with an earthy floral overtone accented by sweet citrus that’s mellow and delicious. The heady effects come on quickly, almost as soon as you are done with your first exhale. Launching your mind into a state of euphoric creativity. As you happily work on mental and physical tasks, you’ll feel an increase in focus and mental clarity that works well with anything you need to get done.


-Happy , euphoric , uplifting , calming


-Depression , headaches , cramps , chronic pain.

18 reviews for Cactus cooler

  1. Anthony

    Energetic , calming , euphoric , good to kick start your day

  2. Joshua

    Amazing high , relaxing , calming , great pain reliever

  3. Kimorah

    I love it it just drains super fast

  4. Jefferson

    gets me high asf every time

  5. Javis Lawson

    Best strain to have at the end of the day , relaxing , refreshing

  6. Robert Brown

    It was so good the taste, smell and everything

  7. Tah Klaus 🇩🇪

    Cooling like the name , relaxing , helps with anxiety , euphoric

  8. Maurice K


  9. Faith Isco

    Tingly , happy , energetic , hungry

  10. Johnson


  11. Carl wayne

    Relaxing , calming , focused

  12. Mcallister

    never disappoints amazing product

  13. Leonard

    Relaxing , calming , pain reliever

  14. Davidson

    Love the flavor

  15. Joey Sanders

    Fantastic product. Used to manage my anxiety.

  16. Baldwin

    Long lasting high , hungry

  17. Alfonse Penda


  18. Mikel Ramos 🇪🇸

    the buzz was amazing , i felt so good , pull is also good , easy to inhale , the place its also amazing.

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